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Meet Coach Meg.


I took this setback as motivation and determination to train and get back to where I was. It was not easy by any means but, I did it. In the past 5 years I have become more educated, prepared and passionate than ever before. I began to sign up for races again and have now ran 5k, 10k, and 15k race, 6 half marathon and a 30k.


I have continued to train, race, and run for fun and have become so passionate in how I feel about the sport, I want to share it with others so they also can feel and heal like I have. I have since enrolled in the UESCA International Running Coach Certification and I have continued to train and run the races, even the ones that were cancelled due to the pandemic. I have never stopped while I worked full time and studied, building a new life for myself and my family. On July 23, 2020, I became a Certified Running Coach with UESCA, although my mission and vision of what I wanted to bring the running community started long before that. Today, I continue to train, run and work. I have now run 6 half marathons, a 30k and I am training for my next 30k and various 5k, 10k and 15k races in the near future. The half marathons are my favourite distance to run and I continue to run 3-4 per year.

I am grateful to share this passion and experience with others, and am grateful to those who choose to lace up and share this experience with me. This is my journey, my path. I love where I am heading and am here to support your journey and your goals. Whether you simply to run with no duration or distance to strive for, or you want to run your first 5k, 10k, 15k or train for a half marathon or full. Whatever you want your running journey to be, I want to get you there safely, guiding healthy choices and activities at whatever level you require, and have fun along the way as your coach. Running can add to your most optimal mental and physical health. All of my plans are personalized for your needs, your strength and areas for growth. I take pride in the plans I create and work with you to ensure they fit your lifestyle and personal goals. I do offer virtual and one-to-one services with various packages we can discuss.


We live in different times right now that can leave us feeling unmotivated. I, as your coach, promise you to help support, motivate and educate you safely and happily, to meet the goals you share with me. I am available anytime for questions, and help our accountability to my RoadRunnerz. I look forward to being part of your running journey.

Coach Meg

Let's make your journey Runderful.

UESCA Certified International Running Coach

My running journey took place in 2007, living in B.C., more specifically, the Okanagan Valley while working with my other passion, mentoring troubled youth, and heading up my own youth outreach counselling program. I lived in the mountains with my beagle, Regal, who got out one day. So I ran and ran to catch him. Next thing I knew, Regal and I were running alongside one another. We arrived back home, our hearts pounding, knowing this run would become part of our routine. We went out daily and ran, just ran. This became something I could not go a day without; my mental clarity, my physical health, my sleep, my physique - all became better and stronger.

I continued this ritual even when I moved back to Ontario in 2011. But in 2017, I broke my leg in 3 spots from falling on the ice, this was devastating to me. I was told by professionals I most likely would not be running any longer.  I had surgery and a titanium pin, with screws, put into my leg.